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This is the one I am most proud of. Whenever we made Polish sausage as a family, Friday nights we had always ordered a DeMarinis Pizza. It was tradition – extra cheese, sausage, canned mushrooms and onion. It wasn’t until recently when I went to visit my friend, Joey Cieslak, the owner of Little DeMarinis and ordered what I always ordered… It hit me like a ton of bricks… Why can’t I put this into a sausage? Using my Italian as a base, I did just that. Mozzarella cheese, whole canned mushrooms and coarse yellow onion. I hope you like it as much as I enjoy making it.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $8



I’m confident that this traditional Italian sausage will stand out from brands traditionally offered on the market. You will love this delicious, sweet, and savory sausage. Also available uncased.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $6


Spicy Italian

This Spicy Italian sausage packs a punch! Made just like the traditional Italians, but I’ve added some spicy peppers and zesty spices. Perfect for putting on top of a pizza, or throw it in your favorite Italian pasta dish.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $6



I like to think this one started it all! I had a little help from my very good friend, Miguel Avila. While hunting with him, he turned me on to something called “chorizo and eggs”. It was absolutely amazing. I tried and tried to come up with a recipe using his palate that would be enjoyable for me as well. It is one that my family enjoys almost weekly. One of my more popular varieties, a hand crafted Chorizo sausage with the spicy kick you would expect, and savory flavor that will pleasantly surprise you.  Also available uncased.

available only in bulk, per lb | $4


Chicken Chorizo

Well, hope you like this one. I decided to go with chicken to give a healthier option. As popular as my pork chorizo is, I decided to change the chicken up a little. I dialed down the heat bit and omitted the sugar. I used agave for the sweet replacement. I feel it works a little better with the chicken.

available only in bulk, per lb | $4


The A-A-Ron

This is a full flavor buffalo chicken sausage with blue cheese crumbles. The story of this sausage’s inception begins with the sharing of a few pints at a beer festival in Racine, WI. Converting my friend Aaron Henderson’s wing sauce recipe into a dry formula gives this sausage a life of its own. After many attempts to replicate the precise flavor profile,  the effort was worth the reward. To enhance the experience, I add real Wisconsin blue cheese crumbles.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $6



Our Andouille sausage is a coarse ground, deliciously non-smoked version of the Creole favorite. This started as a request to compliment Dan Kramer’s absolutely amazing gumbo. Now the Andouille is a crowd favorite that can stand on its own, but will also add a tremendous layer of flavor in gumbo,  jambalaya,  or other Cajun recipes.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $6



I hadn’t ever focused on a bratwurst recipe because it’s always simply been a backyard barbecue or tailgate food. I was advised, “…this is Wisconsin – we love our brats…”. Answering the requests of my peers, I’ve designed a wurst recipe that is full of flavor, yet subtly seasoned. I even added a bit of parsley in to the mix.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $6



The Stella

Named after Mark’s oldest daughter, this fresh, breakfast-style sausage made with real maple syrup will be the highlight of your morning. 100% her very own recipe… she got it right after 12 tries!

1/2 lb package | $4


The Sophia

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, try ‘The Sophia’. Appropriately named after Mark’s middle daughter, this one-of-a-kind sausage is packed with dill pickles, ham, swiss cheese & Dijon mustard creating a Cubano sandwich, out-of-this-world taste.

1 lb packages, 4 links | $8


The Olivia

Olivia has been hanging out with her older sisters making sausage. Now, she has a flavor to call all her own – The Olivia! This sweet, non-smoked, spicy link matches her personality perfectly. Our version of a red hot – sweet on the front end with a bite on the back end. Very flavorful indeed!


1 lb packages, 4 links | $6